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Alt Summit 2018

I was able to attend Alt Summit this year! I managed to buy the tickets before they sold out and reserved a hotel room with the special rate. I had a little speed bump along the way called Hurricane Maria but that didn’t stop my plan of attending.

When I got to Palm Springs, I was so excited. I decided to get there during the weekend to enjoy the surrounding attractions.

When Monday came along I knew exactly where I was going (And managed to check-in early too!) but I was so overwhelmed at everything that was going on. And it was only DAY ONE. You had the sponsor booths, networking, goodies, workshops, manis… it was crazy but very fun. After that we had sponsored dinners. I chose The Happy Planner since one of my goals for Alt Summit (and 2018) was to find ways to organize myself and be able to work, blog, and have a life without going crazy.

Day Two was even better. After opening keynote, I did workshops during the whole day. I think it was my most productive day and I learned so much.

Day Three was a mix of everything for me. I did roundtables, panels, workshops. It felt as crazy as Day One since it was the last day and I wanted to cover as much ground as I could.

Photos from my iPhone

Overall, I realized that Alt Summit is the type of conference where you DO learn something. It’s very hands on and there’s something for everyone. There are other conferences that are great but there’s too many panels and I don’t hate panels, but I don’t think you can learn as much from them as you do with a workshop. And once Alt’s over you look back and you realize that you’ve not just learned a lot, but you’ve met so many immensely talented ladies and become so inspired and motivated that you’re like LET’S DO THIS! Let’s get to work!

I’ve already noticed the changes. I’ve started blogging again (FINALLY) and I’m pumped. I know it’s going to be a lot of work but I’m ready for it. I’m ready for a change of scenery and Alt Summit was just what I needed to start.

And the scenery at Alt was quite colorful. The Saguaro Hotel is THE best venue for this type of event. You’re surrounded by colors and inspiration. It’s PERFECT.

 Photos courtesy of Get Found Stock

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