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Small Business Saturday: PLACARD

As I mentioned last week, every Saturday you will see a new post about a local shop. This week we’re starting with PLACARD. I found this lovely little space while walking through Old San Juan. PLACARD is owned by Marien whose shop started as a pop-up and now has its own space. Learn more about PLACARD below.


Tell us a brief description of PLACARD.

PLACARD means a poster or sign for public display which is kind of what I am doing for my designers.  Placard is a curated store that features Puerto Rican contemporary designers in categories such as jewelry, fashion, home decor, art, design, beauty and body care.


What inspired you to start PLACARD?

I felt the need of a place where designers could exhibit, offer their goods for sale and get their brand and essence known to the public.


How long has PLACARD been operating?

PLACARD started as a pop up store inside another venue on February 10 2015 and as of October 7 2015 we have been operating our new store located at 200 Calle Cristo store #3 entrance on San Francisco st.


How do you curate the things that you offer in your shop?

I have a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and over 15 years of experience as a designer and buyer in New York City.  I’ve traveled around the world extensively and met with clients with different points of views and needs.  I have a keen eye and I’m always looking for new ideas and styles that are different but can relate to each other in the same space. The objects have to speak to me esthetically. I usually keep an open mind when evaluating them.  It is like an unspoken understanding between myself and the object that I can then relate to others.


What do you think makes PLACARD stand out above the rest?

Design should be accessible to all and diversity and individuality in design is very important. It’s like speaking different languages and being able to communicate to all. These two things are showcased at PLACARD.  I think that’s what makes us unique.


Go visit Marien at PLACARD. She will gladly help you out on your gift shopping. Check PLACARD out online, on Facebook and Instagram!

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