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Free your Feet: Vans x Liberty Fall 2014

Those that know me well know I love shoes.


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Lately I’ve been trying to stay away from my tall & chunky babes so I’m looking for more comfortable options and all I’ve been obsessing about lately have been sneaks.

Breakfast: sneakers

Lunch: sneakers

Dinner: sneakers

Happy Hour: sneakers

Middle of the night pee session: sneakers

Post-coital cigarette: sneakers… wait, what? I don’t smoke!

Coincidently the objects of my obsession come from different brands but have something in common; they’re both collaborations with Liberty Art Fabrics. Some of their most recent collaborators include Nike (my first obsession) but the one I’ll be talking about today for about 5 seconds is Vans.

The people over at Vans have been doing some great stuff for all tastes and ages. Collaborations with Hello Kitty, Peanuts and Star Wars have resulted in cool products for fanboys and fangirls of these brands.

Liberty Art Fabrics takes it to the next level with wallpaper inspired prints on some of Vans’ classic designs.

Check out the babes below and tell me what you think in the comments! Personally I want them all but I want to know which one YOU want.


Sneakers Images via Nylon

Featured Image via

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