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Piña para las Niñas…

¡Hola! Long time no see. I’m writing this because it just came up in and I had to do something about it before spontaneously combusting out of my bed and into my car and out of the city. As I was browsing the e-tailing parts of the world wide web I noticed something interesting: there’s a lot of pineapple shit going on everywhere. I had already noticed it a few days back while scrolling on Instagram but today I confirmed this inkling deep inside my (beautiful beer) gut. So let’s chat about all things pineapple for about (literally almost) 5 seconds.
Let’s get some stuff straight first:

  • It’s a fruit
  • It tastes good
  • The juice is great for drinks (I mean Malibu Bay Breeze, damn)
  • It’s eating is recommended if you like getting cunnilingus.  Something about it tasting good.
  • It has a great color and interesting outer texture that’s very inspiring for prints.

Tropical inspired fashion is back since it took a break last year (I think I might be lying about this) and right now, next to banana leaves, pineapple prints are the star of the new and white-hot show called Summer.
So stand up pineapple, take a bow.


Images via Nasty Gal, River Island, Pineapple Street Studios

So that’s it. Now you know I’m not dead and that I’ll be posting once again. I leave with a half-assed promise that good things are coming soon and with a song… till next time.

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