Weekly Moodboard: Shapes, Colors, and a Dolphin?

Hey! I’m back after what seems like an eternity. I was insanely busy with school and work. I took a product development course this past semester and my final project was to create an actual product. It was a challenge but it came out great and it has inspired me into continuing to create products. I also took a marketing and promotion course where I had to create a business concept along with a promotional plan and creative leave-behind. I loved doing both projects and enjoyed working on the business concept since I want to create my own brand.

Since the semester is over, I feel like I can focus on finding inspiration/brainstorming for the blog and what I want to create for this summer. Below are some things that are currently swimming on the vast yet heavily cluttered ocean I have as a mind. interior-design,kenzo,lula-magazine,shoes,inspiration

Sources: Trendland, Modcloth, Tumblr

The first image from the top left is a piece from a photo featuring what looks like a creative’s home office. I’m currently thinking about moving to San Juan and I’ve been checking out interior design/decoration websites, tutorials, etc. And to the right are hanging pyramids! I LOVE anything geometry: the math class, prints, 3D shapes, etc. I’m hoping to get geometrical on my designs in any aspect possible-maybe I’ll source some pyramid buttons!

Moving on clockwise to the girl in the bold green and yellow eye make-up. This is a piece from an editorial from the sixteenth issue of Lula Magazine. I. WANT. THIS. ISSUE. VERY. BADLY. Lula is such a great visual source for inspiration that I predict that I will be ordering it before the week is over. Just look at the boldness and how it matches with the dolphin. To the left are an awesome pair of Kenzo shoes with the coolest eye print evah! I wish I could afford these surrealist babes because I would wear the crap out of them. I haven’t purchased anything in a long ass time but I don’t know how long I can resist the urges and temptations from lookbooks, newsletters, and social media posts. Curse ye Solestruck! *while waving fist in the air*

And to top it off a Kenzo clad dolphin, because why the hell not? It’s almost summer!

Now it’s YOUR turn! What’s inspiring you this week? Tell me on the comments.

Have a great day!

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