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Shoesday: Cheap Monday Spring 2013

One of the collections that I’ve been anticipating since last year (wow it’s been soo long, right?) is Cheap Monday’s Spring 2013 collection. From the moment I saw one of the lookbook images with what seemed to be a peeptoe Form (which was confirmed by the friendly peeps in charge of Cheap Monday’s Twitter), I knew that Spring 2013 was gonna be tempting shoe-wise. I live in Puerto Rico so spring/summer shoes are worn all year round here, and I pay very close attention to what’s in the market in the first half of the year (so I can purchase it on sale in the second half *wink*).

Anyways I thought that the peeptoe form was the best thing ever until I saw the Cube pump. In 2012, Cheap Monday released a Glow in the Dark collection that was exclusive to Europe. One of the most interesting pieces was the glow in the dark Cube pump. I asked on the Cheap Monday twitter about the Cube and if it was going to be released for Spring 2013. They said yes. When I finally saw the pair, in LINEN no less, I was blown away.

There is also a metallic/hologram-like Cube in the video above but I haven’t seen it for sale online… yet. Below are some of my favorite shoes from the collection. You can find them all on

Cheap-Monday-Spring-2013-ShoesImages from Shop The News

My favorite thing about the shoes, especially the Cube pump is how chunky the heel is. It’s practically a wedge. The inclination is tolerable so it should be comfortable even with the pointy toe detail. The Stomp Sandalette from the top right also comes in black, and the Point Ballerina flats from the bottom right also come in pink. Check out Shop The News or Cheap Monday for the rest of the collection (men, women, apparel, and shoes).

So what do you think of the Spring 2013 shoes from Cheap Monday? Tell me below.

Share your thoughts please.

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