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Follow the Leader through the Nokia Lumia 920

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This past Saturday, December 22 was the last show of the Follow the Leader tour headlined by Jennifer López along with Wisin & Yandel. As I mentioned on the past post, AT&T invited me to the event to share with you tweets and photos from the concert via the Nokia Lumia 920. It was an amazing experience and once again thanks to the people of AT&T and M80 for the opportunity. It was crazy since the service was overloaded (everyone was taking pictures with their cell phones, EVERYONE) and I didn’t get as many tweets out as I wanted. Still, I took a TON of pictures with my Lumia 920.

Both concerts were amazing and complemented each other well. Jennifer López was great and the choreography from her show was awesome. Wisin & Yandel also had a great presentation that with the energy from the crowd (along with guests 50 Cent and Daddy Yankee) made their concert even more amazing. The only thing that bothered me was that Wisin & Yandel didn’t perform an encore and Jennifer López didn’t join them on stage during their show. It’s disappointing since this happened on Friday’s show and last time I checked, the crowd from Friday paid the same admission price as Saturday’s crowd. Overall the show was great.

In terms of tech, I’m VERY impressed with the amount of space that the latest Windows Phone has. I have approximately 98 photos from the concert in the camera roll and the phone still has over 25GB of available storage space. The quality of the photos is great (the phone has 8MP), they’re super easy to share, and the battery life is impressive since it didn’t even come close to dying on me throughout the trip, concert, trip back, and when I woke up the next day (I forgot to charge it). The photos that I did share through Twitter were through Sky Drive which is Microsoft’s cloud so once you click the shortened links you can see a slideshow of all the pictures that I’ve shared. The keyboard is a dream and it’s very easy to use. I was so happy with it since my old cell phone’s keyboard is so tiny. Social networking is also great since you can check out both Twitter and Facebook in just one place. This is where I noticed the Windows Phone 8 software and realized why everyone is so hyped up by it. I still have a lot to learn from it but overall, the Nokia Lumia 920 is an amazing phone with extensive usefulness (It also has Excel, Word, and Power Point). If you’re in AT&T and are looking for a powerful phone for 2013 then this is the phone to have.

Happy Holidays!

Till the next post!! Take care.

* Sponsored Post: M80 contacted me on behalf of AT&T . The tickets and Nokia Lumia 920 are courtesy of AT&T.*

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