She Did the Mash!

Ahhh Halloween, the only day that you’re allowed to let your freak flag fly without being judged. You can be whomever you want. Women have made it an unwritten rule to dress like prostitutes (or drag queens) for Halloween. I’ve been guilty of this too, using big shoes with tight mini dresses, heavy make up, and low necklines. Shame on me *while slapping my face*. But that was back in college, now I prefer to not show anything by not going out. But if you’re invited or are going to a Halloween party and don’t want to go as an “ex-wife” or a sexy “insert occupation here”, I found two, that’s TWO dresses (Ahh ahh ahh!) that are perfect to wear without regret.

From left to right: Do Your Own Fang Dress and Evil Twin’s Burning Embers Dress

I’m loving them both. The fang print dress is amazing and bold while the burning embers dress has the fall tones that make it the kind of dress to wear for various occasions throughout the season. If its chilly in your area, layering is always the answer with some tights or leggings, a coat, and a great pair of boots or pumps.

So what are your plans for the Halloween parties? What do you think of the dresses? Would you rock them for the upcoming parties? Tell me below.

Till the next post!! Take care.

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Images: Modcloth, Need Supply Co.

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