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Shoes that Make Me Cry: Acne’s Jordan Boot

Acne, you did it again. Thank you for making me suffer over the fact that you’ve created a shoe that made me literally tear up at the first sight of it. It shows how much of a shoe slut I truly am. Continuing with the 90’s inspired trend and with their rugged yet refined aesthetic, Acne has created the Jordan boot. I see it as a mix of utility boot with oxford with cut-out boot. I’m in love with it. It looks comfortable and it looks like it will last a lifetime (with a price tag of basically $800 it should last minimum 3). It’s just so beautiful and I think it would look perfect with the Mallory Noise dress I wrote about over a week ago. They’re a match made in Acne heaven.

ACNE Jordan in Black, Burgundy, and Taupe

So, what do you think of Jordan? Are you as in love as I am or are you disgusted? Tell me below.

Till the next post!! Take care.

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Images: Solestruck

One thought on “Shoes that Make Me Cry: Acne’s Jordan Boot

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