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Shoesday Tuesday: Classics by Buffalo’s 2208

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The Fall 2012 semester is practically upon us, are you excited? I’m liking the courses that I’ll be taking this semester but I’m also trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the amount of work that will accompany them. I love what I’m studying and have noticed that grad school has helped the blog a lot and vice versa. I start in early September but the great majority of Puerto Rican students (including my brother) has either started or will start in the next two weeks. In honor of the Back to School theme that started last Friday, this week’s Shoesday Tuesday post features the still popular and sought after sneaker wedge. I lost count of the posts that I’ve done of them but they have become the new drug because people can’t get enough of them and the Olympic induced sportswear fever only adds more fuel to the fire.

Shoegasmic, aren’t they?

The latest subject of the sneaker wedge craze is the 2208 from Classics by Buffalo. The interesting thing about these babes is not that they’re similar to overpriced sneaker wedges of French brands that I won’t bother to mention but that they are men’s shoes. The 2208 only comes in men’s sizes but do not fret, I’ll help you out. The sneaks have sold well because the only sizes left right now are 7 for the black ones and sizes 7 and 8 for the Serrage Blue 332 Gris. How do you know if they’re your size? Simple, just add 2 to the numbers from men’s sizes. Example: the men’s 7 is the women’s 9 and the men’s 8 is the women’s 10. See, math is not that hard. The main reason why I’m almost in love with these sneakers is because of the cool subtleness they possess compared to other sneaker wedges. They remind me of skater/surfer boy sneakers from junior high/high school past. I am digging these babes, especially the blue/grey sneaks, and would totally buy them but I have more (gasp!) important things to shop for, like books and other school related materials. Boo. But who knows maybe I’ll get weak on the knees and open my legs, I mean, wallet and just say yes.

So what are your thoughts? Would you buy these sneaks or do you already have a pair of sneaker wedges from another brand? Share your thought below!

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Till the next post!! Take care.

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