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Hey! It’s the weekend! I hope you have some great plans ahead. If not, then enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your home. The reason I’m writing this post is to promote two things. The first would be my Facebook fan page. Why am I promoting the Pink Wedges Facebook fan page? Well, because I’ve been working very hard on it. One of the reasons that I’m not posting every day is because I’m focusing more on social media since it’s easier to update than a blog. I’m a perfectionist so I try to make great blog posts and those don’t happen every day. I know that there are people that publish more than one post per day and that’s great, but I’m more of a quality over quantity gal. Right now the blog’s FB fan page has been given a nose job, and it looks great. Sadly it only has 112 likes, I share a minimum of three posts per day, and I have a lot of great things in store that will be exclusive for FB fans, so what are you waiting for?

Like Pink Wedges on Facebook!

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                The second thing that I’m promoting is the reader survey that I created for you. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you answer the 10 questions on this survey because it will help me a lot when it comes to knowing what you want to see more of here, and what you don’t care much for. The blog’s 2 year anniversary is coming soon and I want it to be MAJOR, but a lot of the majorness and awesomeness of this event and the blog depends on YOU, yeah you. There’s a link on the top of the sidebar but you can click here too. Remember that Pink Wedges is nothing without its readers and your opinion and feedback is precious and important to me.

Till the next post!! Take care.

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