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Shoesday Tuesday: Mega Sale Edition (Part 2)

Is there a conspiracy going on? Last week I told you about the awesome Birthday sale over at Solestruck. I hope you purchased some great shoes. I’m giving the screen a judging look that will translate to you if you committed the crime of not buying *judging look while shaking head*. This sale is finished, done, finito, but… there’s a new sale going on. It’s another website that sells awesomely awesome shoes (Yes, I just did that). Nasty Gal has begun their “United Sale of Awesomeness” which ends on July 4th. So I’m being as awesome as this sale telling you about this sale today and giving you time to think about this sale for a few days. There are a lot of great shoes on sale that have the potential of being perfect for the upcoming seasons.  I’m not purchasing anything this time around, but if I did, these would be my picks. You can take these hot babies as recommendations if you don’t know what to get.

(If you correctly guess how many times I wrote “awesome” above you’re gonna get… absolutely nothing. Okay maybe a shout out. An awesome shout out.)

Top row (From left to right): Miista’s Anti platform oxford, Jeffrey Campbell’s Daisy D wedge in leopard and Desmond ankle boot.

Bottom row (From left to right): Messeca’s Gavin in Mocha, Dolce Vita’s Jemma platform boot in red, and Cheap Monday’s Monolith wedge in black.

If you got the cash to get Anti now, go for it. I don’t think we’ll see this shoe get cheaper until maybe September (if it’s still around). Daisy D is comfortable and leopard print will continue to be a trend in 2013 *sigh of relief*. The Desmond ankle boot is a beautifully colored shoe at a awesome price. I have the Gavin in black but I put it here as a recommendation. Messeca shoes are a “thumbs up” buy and Gavins at this price are not an easy find. The Jemma boot in red was a big deal last Fall/Winter and I still see it as a statement shoe (the leopard print version is practically a steal). I finish by saying that the Monolith wedge is another great and comfortable shoe at a great price.

I also want to show these two babes that stole my heart but my size is not available. If you’re size 7.5 or 8 and love neutral accessories (and height) as much as I do, I recommend you these hotties.

Amoruso platform mule / Big Girl platform in tan (both Jeffrey Campbell)

All images: Nasty Gal

Fun fact: The Amoruso platform mule was made exclusively for Nasty Gal and is named after N.G. founder (and one of my heroes) Sophia Amoruso.

So tell me, please! Did you shop the Solestruck sale last week? Will you get anything from Nasty Gal this week? These people are evil, so many sales at the same time. We’re going to have to do an Ocean’s Eleven style operative. Who’s with me?! Sound off below.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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