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The Week in Pins: June 17 – 23

Two words describe this past week for me: hot and mellow. It’s been hot for a while now and it seems that there’s a heat wave on the East coast (chilly thoughts go out to you). I’m used to the heat and the humidity; I’ve spent my whole life on this island. It’s been mellow because I feel like I reached a small plateau this week in terms of brainstorming. But things are already looking up.

The pins from this week’s collage have something in common: boldness. You’re thinking: “Doesn’t she always say that?”. Well yes I do; problem? Being bold means that you stand out which means that you either don’t care what people think or you care way too much about what people think. Weird but true when you think of it. Bold attitude, bold colors, bold accessories, bold locales, bold food, and bold quotes. Being bold is always in, it’s as timeless as a Chanel handbag, a pair of jeans, and a pair of sunglasses which have the power to make people see you in a different way or even intrigue them. Are you bold?

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I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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