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Spring/Summer Instagram Inspiration

I’ve noticed that ever since Instagram was available on Android, the Instagram related blog posts grew in an exponential manner all over the internet. Many bloggers are doing weekly posts showcasing bits of their daily life from their cell phones. I love it and decided to get on the wagon too. In the past two weeks the number of followers has grown on my Instagram. It’s exciting to see them interacting whether by liking or commenting on the pictures. I noticed that there are two big themes in the photos from the past two weeks: Florals and Summer. Florals were a topic on the blog this week and summer will obviously be a topic all summer. So I decided to get all the pictures together to create a collage, similar to the “Week in Pins” but all images in this one come from my little white HTC Wildfire S, which I love very much. So here’s a little S/S 2012 inspiration:

Source: Instagram

A good name for this would be: Flowers, beaches, and espadrille flatforms. If you haven’t followed me on Instagram you should! My username is pinkwedges. Got Instagram? Share your username below!!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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3 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Instagram Inspiration

  1. I adore Instagram too, and I’ve definitely noticed those two styles of pictures. They seem to be very popular, and I can see why with so many awesome photographers going along with it. My Instagram handle is @mooresaurus.

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