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Strike a (Leg) Pose: The Return

What.The.Feck. If you saw the Met Gala live stream last night (I didn’t) you noticed that in this specific event, people go ALL OUT in their choice of garments (See Beyonce’s “she tried way too hard” Givenchy dress). Yet one of the things that’s getting a lot of attention is not a gown, but a leg… and some pelvic bones courtesy of Anja Rubik:


(Insert gross out face here)

Not only did she “pull a Angelina” but she took it another level of slit length. I’m not sure if this falls in the “Tried way too hard” category. I honestly like the DIY bed sheet dress, and would like it even more if that slit were a few inches less longer (like 7 or 8). The thing that’s traumatizing is that pelvis bone that protruding up there. We don’t need to see that Anja! And the all important question of : was she at least wearing some dental floss underneath? I doubt it. I wonder what Angelina’s thinking about this?

Whatever, lets have a little fun with a poll. It’s kind of a “who wore it best” but less about the dress and more about the leggy pose. So who do you think did it best? Angelina with her pale yet classy leg? Or Anja with her tanned pelvis. Allow me to refresh your memory on Angelina’s pose:


I decided to take a break to do this post which is purely for fun, so don’t bother hating. Vote on the poll and sound off on the comments below!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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