A Small Playlist to (try and) Make Whoopie to

Well it’s that day again: Valentine’s Day. I’m not fond of this “holiday”, I have some pretty strong reasons as to why. Long story short, someone/someones did something stupid/scumbaggish 4 years ago today. It sucked at the moment but one learns from such experiences and moves on. I’m better, more mature, and accomplished today that I was all those years ago and I high five myself for this.

I wrote yesterday that I was gonna post a playlist and that the recently deceased Whitney Houston is not gonna be included in it. I’m sorry but I’m not a Whitney Houston fan. Adding “I will always love you” on my playlist would be a hypocrite and disrespectful thing to do. So my playlists consists of songs that I enjoy listening to (obviously) and some that I found that seem to be good for the occasion. The list is in no peculiar order.
There’s a few old songs but I listen to a lot of music that’s older than both myself and my parents.

1. Blur: “To The End”. It seems that songs that have some French speaking in them become automatically romantic. I like Blur, they don’t do the same thing twice and to me they’re way better than Oasis.

2. Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot: “Je T’aime Moi Non Plus”. This one’s 100% French and WAY sexier than the Jane Birkin version. Warning: This song is really hot.

3. The Cure: “Just Like Heaven”. This is the ultimate love montage song. Tell me if you haven’t seen a romantic hipster film that doesn’t have this song in the “We’re so happy and in love!” montage scene. Adventureland? Yes. Going the distance? Yes. Insert film name here? Yes. I don’t care, I still want this song on repeat in my head when I’m in love.

4. Bee Gees: “How Deep is Your Love”. Wild card entry? No. Guilty Pleasure? Maybe. Great love song that stands the test of time? Absofuckinlutely.

John Frusciante did a cover of this song and it’s really good. Check it out right here.

5. Beach Boys: “Wouldn’t it be nice”. Effin’ classic.

6. Nirvana: “About a Girl”. Didn’t you hear? The nineties are coming back for all those kids that fell in love with the music long after the scene died.

7. Ladyhawke: “Back of the Van”. I love this song. I dedicate this one to all the people that have been “set on fire” *wink wink* in the back of a van.

8. Interpol:”Public Pervert”/”Narc”. This is the Interpol “double whammy” *laughs*. I love Interpol and noticed that if you have “Narc” on a playlist, it’s compulsory to place “Public Pervert” right before. If you’re an Interpol fan you might understand why. Pervert has a romantic feel to it, while Narc is definitely a foreplay/sex song.

9. Logo Beat: “Naufragar”. This is the one of the best sexy love songs I’ve ever heard from a local band. It’s like: “I want you, you want me, we want each other. Let’s set ourselves on fire in the back of a van”. I love it and I know that a lot of Puerto Ricans that have heard it love it too. Especially the ladies.

10. Robyn: “Call your Girlfriend”. This is the song that you probably don’t want to hear dedicated to you if you’re in a relationship, but it’s still one of the best and most beautiful love songs I’ve heard in recent years. Hey, these things happen but it’s not the end of the world. And always remember that relationship wreckers are people with feelings too.

So what do you think? What’s on your playlist today? Sound off below and have a great Valentine’s Day if you’re in a relationship. Try to have a great day if you’re single. I’ll try to have a great day too.

On tomorrow’s playlist: Songs that help you move on from a break up. Just Kidding.

If you want to read about ideas of V-Day style click here. (It’s in Spanish).


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