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Let’s Talk about Sneaker Wedges

The words sneaker and wedges put together would remind me of the time when Sketchers platform sneakers were huge. I think this was during the turn of the 21st century (I always wanted to use this phrase). I also remember that this trend kinda sucked… well at least to me. Enter 2011, we’re still in the turn of the 21st century (just a few years later) and Isabel Marant presents the hi-top sneakers with hidden wedge heels. The fashionista crowd is going crazy with this sneaker (you should see how much they cost on eBay) that has an old school inspired style with a modern and feminine twist. Leandra Medine (the Man Repeller) wrote about said sneakers back in December. I think the sneakers are cute, and I’m not a sneaker fan, but they’re a lot out of my price range. Fortunately I found a similar style at a considerable price range. I’m not getting them (for now) but there’s nothing wrong with sharing this sneakers with you just in case you like them too, right?

Isabel Marant Betty Hi-top Sneaker

ASH Bowie Wedge Sneaker in Orange and Grey

What do you think of this trend? Sound off below!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Sneaker Wedges

    • Me too and you’re welcome! I like them because they don’t look like they have a wedge heel. I see myself wearing them with skinny jeans to a basketball game or the mall. Thanks for commenting!

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