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Thanks to the New Friends and the Magic Man

Since my house is hidden from most of civilization, the mail men never directly deliver my packages and I have to take the trip to the post office. I don’t mind the anxiety filled trip and the constant admiration of the slip that they leave announcing the arrival of the package. In this case it’s my bday/3 kings’ day present from my person to myself.

It was a hard challenge to find that gift. I had my eye on the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots for months (or/and the Aram necklace from the MR Dannijo collaboration) and it’s been quite the internal stress inducing battle. But at the last minute, something amazing happened… a shoegasmic miracle perhaps? I was checking my inbox and one of the emails received on that day was the 90s inspired Free people lookbook article from Refinery 29. So I clicked it and then continued to browse the Free People website out of curiosity.

After looking and fantasizing with the merch I went to the sale section, most importantly the shoe section of said section and all these amazing shoes at pretty amazing prices appear on my screen. I lose it for a brief moment but then compose myself and continue, and out of nowhere I am shocked by the price of the Gavin booties from the much talked about brand Messeca. Sale price: $99.95, regular price (FP): $208.00.

WTF?! An approximately $200 bootie half off, does anyone know about this?! I verified other websites and the only site (that I found) with that good of a price was FP. I signed in for the newsletter and did some research in terms of quality and confirmation of the highly important “runs true to size” requirement (I’m 8.5 or 9 and highly bitchy with footwear). It passed and then the fate deciding email appeared stating that I would get Free Shipping for being a “new friend”. *Sigh* If all friends were like this.

This is major because I live in Puerto Rico and S&H charges are a bitch. So that was that. The shoes were ordered before my Bday and on the 3 kings’ eve I got my present. I effin’ love them. Some review said that they’re heavy but I have and frequently wear the quite heavy Miramar wedges from Jeffrey Campbell so I ignored that comment. They’re comfortable (for my standards) and since I got them in black because a lot of my shoes are brown or nude they will be used a lot, which makes the purchase and price I got them for totally worth it.

BTW: If you’re a size 7 and have a crush on the black Tardy boot from Jeffrey Campbell click here!! It’s $99.95 and everywhere else it’s $138.00 or more. And I HATE YOU for being a size 7 in this type of situation.

Since I was listening to Heart’s “Magic Man” when I was thinking about the post, I decided to post the song down below.

Till the next post!!

7 thoughts on “Thanks to the New Friends and the Magic Man

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    • Thanks and thanks for the bday wishes!! I got lucky with such a great deal. I just had to share this with everybody. Thanks for the comment. Take care.

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