Wardrobe Fantasies: Shakuhachi’s Crystallized Structured Shoulder Top and Dress

Today’s “Wardrobe Fantasies” are not going to be available for about a month; but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating them. Shakuhachi is one of my favorite Aussie brands to pine for. They create that kind of garments that are perfect to wear from day to night and for any occasion (depending on your career and lifestyle of course). I love the boldness of their garments (Example: here) and the sleek silhouettes that they present. Since I got the ball rolling for party dresses, and these garments come out in late November (holiday parties!), I predict that they will get a lot of wear time come December.

The “crystalised” structured shoulder top comes in black and white; and so does the “crystalised” structured shoulder dress. I love the shoulder details along with the simplicity of the dress’ and top’s shape. My absolute favorite thing about both is the sleeve opening: it’s pretty spacious (translation: no sweat stains). The dress and top are perfect to dance the night away. Want them? Well, both garments are currently available for pre-order.

How can I style them?

I think that silver colored accessories would be great and remember that monochrome is in, so you can go all white, all black, or black/white. You can also give it a pop of color with a bold colored shoe and handbag (burnt orange and oxblood are big colors right now and there’s always classic red) or with some awesome printed accessories.

That’s the great thing about solid colored garments: they’re a blank canvas for accessory brainstorming. Personally, I would go with this gorgeous babe of a wedge (sucks that I’m not a size 11), also from Shakuhachi, and a bold clutch or a minaudière.

So what are your thoughts on the clothes? Tell me below.

Till the next post!! Take care.

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Images: Shakuhachi

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