Au Revoir, Verano

Well, it has happened. Summer is gone, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere. Here in Puerto Rico Summer is the only season (jealous?) but vacations always carry an expiration date unless you’re retired. The main reason for my lack of posts in these past few weeks has been this: I had a cousin visiting for the last weeks of summer and I wanted to show her a good time. I succeeded and also had a great time. So in honor of Summer here’s a pictorial “In Memoriam” of my vacation featuring my Instagram photos. If you’re not following me on Instagram (how dare you!) my username is pinkwedges.

Let us remember…

Amazing what one can do with an HTC Wildfire S, right? So tell me, how was your summer? And if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, Argentina, etc.), what are your plans for the summer? Tell me below! Have a great week!

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Till the next post!! Take care.

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