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The Week in Pins (Special “End of Semester” Edition): May 13 – 19

It doesn’t get old.

             Finally! A new “Week in Pins” post. I love doing these posts, they’re so much fun. This week has been CRAZY; it’s the last week of the spring semester, last week of work related stuff, and I’m looking for a job. I also started playing volleyball on a more regular basis to get myself in shape. I’m not skinny (nor I want to be), but I’m not fat either. I consider myself to be normal sized but that doesn’t mean that I am in good physical condition. I’m excited for this summer; hopefully it will be a good one. A summer for the books like the one from ’09 (internal joke). Let’s go to this week’s pins. I didn’t pin a lot but they still got some attention. The pencil skirt pin was the MVP with about 11 or 12 repins in less than 20 minutes (to me that’s a lot). It almost looks like there’s a theme in the collage about doing the unexpected and bold while still having some fun. Do I already have a summer mantra? Bold colors, bold people, bold movies…

All pins are from my Pinterest profile.

Ghost World still (Haven’t seen it? Shame on you! See it now!) / Salvador Dalí on Surrealism/ Marseille, France /

Brogues from Free People / Inspiring “get off your ass” quote / Floral pencil skirt from ASOS / Moonrise Kingdom still (Out this month) / Two tone lips / Cannolli / Neon skirt / Prada F/W 2012 cartoon from Lucky Magazine

So what are your thoughts on this week’s pin collage? What are your plans for this summer? I want to know. Sound off below.

I’m ending this post with a great video to dance to. In the beginning credits of “Ghost World”, Thora Birch’s character is seen dancing to this video. The song, now known as the Heineken song, is “Jan Pehchan Ho” from Mohammed Rafi and the video is a scene from “Gumnaam” a film from India. It’s a fun song to shake your body to so SHAKE IT.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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