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The Week in Pins: June 10 – 16

I apologize for not posting often this week. I’ve been out doing errands among other things. As you’re reading this I might just be at the beach with some friends from college that I haven’t seen since our graduation, which was almost a year ago. It’s good to have a life outside the internet because it inspires you to either write or take pictures or just see things in a different way. And most importantly, you’re directly socializing with other human beings. So get out there too, but only after you finish reading this post.

This week’s pins are all about color and brightness. Brightness always puts people in a better mood, from a sunny day to a bright dress. Even the sight of those sinful garlic cheese rolls…yum! So as it says on one of the pins: be happy, be bright, be you.

All images can be found here.

What instantly changes your mood for the better? Tell me below. I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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